Supplementary Programme

We cater to our clients’ packaging needs down to the
last detail. Our core product range is thus complemented with all Supplementary Programme required for a comprehensive and complete packaging process. Upon request our company provides for any kind of fixing clips and pegs, sealing machines, printed bands, labels, hang tags and bags. Our range includes:

Like the rest of our products, the products from our supporting programme range are tried and tested top quality products.


Our Flat Net component is also offered separately: we prepare the design solution tailored to customers’ needs and provide for high-quality print on a packaging band that is custom-cut to desired specifications.


Advantages: up to 70% elongation, allows air circulation, automatic or manual use, recyclable material.


A label is an integral part of net packaging. It has all the information on the product and is easiest to use when combined with the net. Not printed at the bottom, the label offers enough space to print additional information or declarations on the product with a printer.


The Clipband is a traditional and tested way of closing nets and bags distinguished by its flexibility and durability. Our Clipband is made of zinc or copper and packed and distributed on reels.

Pallet Wrap Net

Goods loaded on a standard pallet need extra support and protection for good stability. Film is not always the right answer for this purpose – fruit, vegetables or flowers, for example, require a constant flow of fresh air. For such requirements we offer a pallet wrap net that not only fixes the products but also allows them to breathe well.


Agrotextile is an ideal tool to protect plants during their early growth and development. It is basically a protective cover or fabric composed of thin polypropylene fibres. With their structure these create a large number of micropores that allow for optimum rain, light and air permeability. Agrotextile works so as to retain the air necessary for plant growth and prevent unnecessary water evaporation.