Christmas Tree Nets

Plants in general are very delicate in terms of transport and manipulation. A net is practically the only way to safely carry and transport plants, in particular trees and bushes.

Safe embrace

The net wraps closely around the plant and reduces it into a more compact shape, thus reducing the possibility of damage. Christmas trees are packed the same way.

Netted Christmas trees are easy to transport with the net protecting not only the tree, but also the person carrying it.

Christmas Tree Nets Color Width Tube diameter Packaging Weight
širina premer R/Roll N/Sleeve R/Roll N/Sleeve
rola Sleeve
760 mm 450 mm 1000 m 8 x 250 m 11,40 kg 23,20 kg
860 mm 550 mm 1000 m 8 x 250 m 11,40 kg 23,19 kg
Note: The data in this text refers to existing values during text composition. All measurements are approximate and are subject to change. Products, such as netting are subject to shrinking and expansion, which cannot be generally determined.