BIO Programme

The importance of environmental sustainability is what drives our every move. The environmental perspective is incorporated into the development and production of all our products. In addition, we have developed a special line of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable products under the brand name PLANTIES.

Naturally ideal

The Planties product line comprises products whose quality and appearance is not unlike their ordinary plastic counterparts. Where they differ is in their composition – all Planties products are plant-based and with their characteristics they can replace most plastic packaging materials today.

Genuine composition

The raw material used for our biodegradable polymers is PLA from renewable resources such as corn, wheat,
soy, potato and palm oil. The basic material used for Planties therefore consists of substances that micro-organisms feed on.

Biodegradable and recycled

Under good conditions Planties products break down
in 6–12 weeks. These conditions are sufficiently high
temperatures, moisture and micro-organisms – conditions that are most easily achieved in a composter. In the absence of any of the above conditions, the products will take longer to break down or will not decompose at all, which means we can control the time and place of decomposition.

On the other hand, Planties materials can be recycled
in the same way as conventional plastic materials.

The material used for Planties nets meets all the conditions for and has been awarded with the certificate and the right to use the internationally recognised European Bioplastic logotype.