Mechanical Protective Flat Nets

The protective Flat ZN Net is designed for the protection of products in bulk packaging, to separate products on pallets and similar purposes. It is supplied
for distribution wound on rolls or custom-cut to a desired size.

Mechanical Protective Flat Nets Color Width Packaging Weight
rola R/Roll Pcs/Box
rola skatla
FLAT ZN_70_750_4200
750 mm 50 m / 21,00 kg
FLAT ZN90_560_2000
560 mm 110 m / 25,00 kg
FLAT ZN_100_900_7000
900 mm 80 m / 56,00 kg
FLAT ZN_120_750_2300
750 mm 115 m / 26,00 kg
FLAT ZN_248_1000_3500
1000 mm 100 m / 35,00 kg
FLAT ZN_70_700_4200-70_90
700 mm / Cut-N 500 132,30 kg

Note: The data in this text refers to existing values during text composition. All measurements are approximate and are subject to change. Products, such as netting are subject to shrinking and expansion, which cannot be generally determined.