Extruded Nets

Extruded nets are the cornerstone of our product range. They are made of polyethylene and extruded according to a preset pattern. Distinguished by their elasticity they are extremely versatile and have numerous applications. Their properties make them ideal for easy packaging of different quantities and kinds of fruit and vegetables, and thus suitable for handling by both large and small retailers.


Extruded nets are distinguished by their durability and
the high level of protection they provide for the products they enclose. They do not retain moisture and are suitable both for storage and sale.


Extruded nets are distributed in different lengths, wound on rolls or in sleeves, depending on the packaging machine and user requirements.

Hygiene and health are of extreme importance
in the food industry. We guarantee that our nets
are made of safe materials and dyes.

Mreže za pakiranje

Tubular extruded nets

Tubular Extruded Nets Color Width Tube diameter Carrying Packaging Weight Shipping
R/Roll N/Sleeve R/Roll N/Sleeve Sleeve
N_50_510_65_XY_R/N 460 mm 160 mm 5 kg 2000 m 40×100 m 13,20 kg 27,20 kg 72.000 m 72.000 m
N_50_510_100_XY_R 460 mm 160 mm 7 kg 1000 m 10,20 kg 75.000 m
N_50_610_65_XY_R/N 560 mm 200 mm 5 kg 2000 m 12×250 m 13,20 kg 20,70 kg 72.000 m 54.000 m
N_80_520_50-RO_XY_R 460 mm 160 mm 2 kg 1800 m 9,20 kg 108.000 m
N_80_520_50_XY_R/N 460 mm 160 mm 2 kg 2000 m 40×100 m 10,20 kg 21,20 kg 72.000 m
N_80_520_50_XY_N 460 mm 160 mm 3 kg 2000 m 21,20 kg 72.000 m
N_140_530_85_XY_R 490 mm 160 mm 5 kg 1000 m 9,00 kg 36.000 m
210 mm 80 mm / 1000 m 10,40 kg 48.000 m
Note: The data in this text refers to existing values during text composition. All measurements are approximate and are subject to change. Products, such as netting are subject to shrinking and expansion, which cannot be generally determined.