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Mechanical Protection Nets

The company MAAR produces a special type of highly resistant tubular nets intended to provide mechanical protection for metal, aluminum, wood and glass objects.

This type of net protects objects from unwanted damage during transport and protects them all the way to the end-user, that is to the point of actual assembly. It is particularly useful in protecting decorative objects, metal fences, chrome pipes, component parts of chairs and other objects which need to remain completely intact.

This type of net is extremely important for protecting finely polished metal objects, such as component or replacement machine parts, i.e. drums used in printing, as these must remain completely intact. Even the smallest dent can render the replacement part utterly useless. This is why, to help you avoid risking damage and unnecessary expenses, our company offers you a net which provides complete mechanical protection of valuable objects.

Mechanical protection nets are very strong and highly durable, as they must provide a high level of protection for the objects they enclose. In addition to this, this type of net is marked by its elasticity, which allows optimal adaptability to any asymmetrical shape of the object.
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