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Mulching textile

A black non-woven agrotextile the production of which is based on SPUN-BOND technology. The agrotextile is made of 100 % polypropylene resistant to solar radiation as well as to attack by mildew, various types of micro organisms, fungi, and insects.

This material is manufactured as standard in a basic weight of 45 g/m2. It boasts low flexibility, a smooth surface, and high rubbing resistance. When unfolded upon the ground it has unique mulching properties which lead to the textile hampering weed growth, allowing earlier warming of soil in spring, being capable of retaining the accumulated warmth in soil for longer periods of time and, by doing so, making earlier seeding possible. Owing to its open structure the textile enables the penetration of air and water, significantly reducing undesirable evaporation from the soil which results in substantial savings in water during the process of watering and is a positive impact on the root systems development.

Caution: when using chemical sprays on a textile, it may be damaged or deterioration of certain properties of the textile may occur.

In combination with a mulching bark the non-woven textile has a lifetime of many years.

These non-woven textiles are delivered packed in rolls or in small-unit packaging in STANDART type.


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