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MAAR d.o.o.
Brodišče 36, OIC Trzin
1236 Trzin, Slovenija
Tel.: +386 1 530 80 80
Fax: +386 1 530 80 82

Company History

The company’s beginnings reach back into the year 1988. Years of experience allowed us to develop the company to a high level of quality and professionalism, which consequently led to a complete modernization in December 1991. In 2003, due to increased production and other needs, we moved to a new location which provides optimal conditions for manufacturing quality products. In the period 1996-2000, the company was ranked among the 500 fastest growing businesses in Slovenia.

The fast rate of the company’s development led to increased exports, which brought us the official status of exporter. We have operated on foreign markets since the very beginning. The majority of our production (90%) covers the complete European market, as well as our southeastern neighbor countries. We also have long-time business partners in Russia and the United States.

There are two technologic methods known in the manufacturing process and on the market. The first net type is the welded, or extruded net, and the other involves the process of knitting, the end-product of which is the knitted net. In the beginning, the company MAAR produced only the extruded net type. A turning point in our company’s operations was in 1996, as we began producing knitted nets in addition to extruded ones. Most companies around the world only deal with either one type of net.


Maar d.o.o.
Brodišče 36, OIC Trzin
T: +386 1 530 80 80
F: +386 1 530 80 82
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