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MAAR d.o.o.
Brodišče 36, OIC Trzin
1236 Trzin, Slovenija
Tel.: +386 1 530 80 80
Fax: +386 1 530 80 82

Company Profile

Company Profile MAAR is a modern manufacturer of high-quality nets of different makes, sizes and colors.

There are two technologic methods known in the manufacturing business and on the market. The first net type is a welded, or extruded net, and the second involves the process of knitting, the end-product of which is a knitted net.

The company MAAR is one of a select few manufacturers able to produce both types of nets, which is something we are very proud of. Our company and our quality products are currently in the process of introducing the ISO quality standard. In addition to that – and this is extremely important in view of today’s fragile environment – our manufacturing process is clean and environmentally friendly due to the fact that we use environmentally friendly types of plastic in our production (PE, PP). We perform all technological processes, from the raw materials to the end-product, ourselves. This helps us to preserve a healthy and safe environment.

We devote much of our time and energy to the development of our products, tailoring them to the wishes and needs of the market. Our products are widely recognized in the circles of clients who appreciate only the finest quality.


Maar d.o.o.
Brodišče 36, OIC Trzin
T: +386 1 530 80 80
F: +386 1 530 80 82
ISO Certificate 14001 ISO Certificate 9001
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