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Agrotextile is a ground cover, or fabric, knitted from thin polypropylene fibers, and its structure creates a large number of micro-pores. The structure of micro-pores allows optimal permeability of rain, light and air, while at the same time retaining the necessary air and prevents unnecessary evaporation of water. This way, the agrotextile fabric creates a favorable microclimate allowing faster growth and undisturbed development of plants, protecting them from the fluctuations between daytime and nighttime temperatures which negatively affect the plants' development. Besides this, it provides superior protection from temperature extremes it retains heat, thereby reducing the danger of frost, and at the same retains moisture, which provides protection against sun-scorch.

The UV stabilizer added to the textile dramatically prolongs its usefulness and preserves its features. The agrotextile ground cover helps us reduce the use of pesticides, which enables organic growing and dramatically reduces harmful effects to the environment.

The textile is available in three types and two colors:

  • Winter type 30g/m2 (WHITE)
  • Summer type -17g/m2 (WHITE)
  • Strawberry type - 50g/m2 (black)


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